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Audition Monologue - Driving

Female Monologue -two to three minutes

So I'm driving and he goes; (She demonstrates)... a little finger flick to the west which means ... go HIS way.  See, I'm supposed to read his fingers so I can do what he wants without his having to waste breath actually talking to me.... But I'm driving,  we're going MY way. 

And now he's doing the wrist snap,(She demonstrates) index finger extended, but I keep straight ahead, staring down that white road line.  Next he's using the whole arm,(She continues to demonstrate) chopping from the elbow, with his bird fingernail flying against the inside of the glass pointing me to go HIS way.  But I'm up to HERE... If he wants me to turn, he needs to talk to me with his mouth!

And then he starts grabbing at his chest and his hands are up here like he's trying to scoop air down his throat....And before I can even stop the car, he's barely twitching and his face is kinda fussy blue.  So I drag him out of his seatbelt, throw him across my lap and I'm pounding at his chest, (She demonstrates) like I could beat the blood through his heart from the outside.  Don't die, please don't die. 

But then I notice...His fingers aren't pointing me what to do or where to go or whatever.  So I stop.  I prop him back up against the door, rebuckle his seat belt and drive MY way to the hospital... the long way...  very slowly.

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