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Audition Monologue - Father

Male Monologue -one to two minutes

Who do they think I am?  I'm a kid.  Just a kid!  And I keep telling them that.  They expect me to be their little "star." I even told dad that, I said, "Dad, I'm just a kid, I'm not a star." 

I said, "Dad, I'm feeling all of this, you know, regressive negative pressure inspired by my father's projected expectations of his own unrealized yet idealized personal goals and I'm sure that I'm mirroring inappropriate personal behaviors that cause me to develop inadequate and unstable interpersonal relationships...I mean we're talking about possibly encouraging sociopathic isolationistic models here....Narcissistic behavior at the very least." 

Then Dad said that if I ever nuke his toothpaste in the microwave again, he's going to make me scrub the kitchen with my tongue.

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