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Audition Monologue - May

From Teaching A Dillo to Cross the Road

Female Monologue -two to three minutes

Flo.  I hate this dying shit almost more than that I hate this living shit…. So don’t you ever fricking tell me that I don’t know how I feels.

(As if someone has tried to interrupt her)

SHHHH!  Flo, I’m sorry that your Daddy’s gone but that has nothing to do with what’s lying in that room.  Poppo’s gone.  There’s a body in there but it ain’t Poppo.   Poppo has left the fricking planet.  He’s gone back to even before he was born.   He’s not in a bottle like your daddy yet but he will be soon.

(As if someone as tried to interrupt her)

I AM TALKING HERE!   And whether I like that, or you like it, or Will likes it, doesn’t matter because Poppo’s old and his bones crack and his brain mushes so he can’t decide anything anymore.  But we can, Flo.  We’re not fricking dillos.  We get to decide if we want to make the most of what we got or waste it trying to help Poppo be something that he can’t ever be again.  Pretty soon, Flo, pretty soon you want that  wrinkling stinking shit machine in there to croak just as much as I do. 

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