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Audition Monologue - May

From Teaching A Dillo to Cross the Road

Female Monologue -one to two minutes

What did you think was going to happen here, Will?  When that bastard’s died?  Did you think I was just going forget anything ever happened; everything that son of bitch has put us through? 

You think we’re just gonna pray that he goes to heaven after what he did ?  You think replacing the carpet and moving his corpse out of here is ever gonna get his stink out of this house?  Just because he’s dead now, doesn’t make the last eight years disappear. 

It’s not enough.  If you think we’re just gonna  just ride down the highway and off into the sunset, then you’re dumber than a fricking dillo.  I can’t forget.  I won’t forget.  What he did.  What you did.   

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