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Audition Monologue - Mother

From Constellations by David Moberg

Female Monologue -one to two minutes

It doesn't bother me.  When she laughs like that.  She laughs at nothing or sometimes talks like in different languages that nobody can understand.  She doesn't mean to, I mean she doesn't do it on purpose. 

But Dad says she might always be like this.  But that I should remember that no matter what she does or says that deep down in my mama's heart, a part of her still loves me...  just like she always did.  Like she did before the accident. 

That the part of my mama that loves me will never change no matter what.  And I believe that, I mean, I want to believe that....I mean I don't think that Dad would lie to me. 

But still.... how can my mama still love me if she can't even remember my name.

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