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Audition Monologue - The Picture

Female - one to two minutes

So he sends me this picture of himself.  And in big letters on the back, " Here, show my son what his daddy looks like, explanation point."  No address, no apologies... no money.  And he looks --- well, I mean his navel looks a lot hairier and he's smiling 'cause his top lip still kinda clings to that chip on his front tooth, and his eyes.... they aren't all veiny and wet like they used to be when we were together.   

Three years of nothing and now I get this 5 and a half by 7 color glossly window into his life, and I'm supposed to just look in and watch his lips stick to his teeth.

 So I got one of those Kmart 89 cent black markers, the kind that gas can't even wash off and I colored his little glossy window shut.  Then I did just like he said.) And I showed that five and half by 7 flat black box to my son and I said, "See?  This is what your daddy looks like." 


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