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Audition Monologue - Rhyming

Female Monologue -three to four minutes

And then he died and I never cried.  He would have liked that... I rhymed.  “You and I,” he used to say,  “we fit together like poetry.  We rhyme; our meter matches; we’re the perfect couplet. 

And then he’d hit me.  Not hard at first; then he'd laugh; a kind of teasing laugh.  And I’d laugh too so maybe he’d stop hitting me.  “When you’re with the best, you get no rest.”  And he’d tear off my top and bra and pin me down with his feet standing over me.  “You’ll remember what I said if I write it in red.”  And  he’d slap me all over until red welts, sometimes blood would ... I’d scream, “I love you.  Why are you doing this?”  “Talking back is like an attack!”  And he threw something metal and I was in the hospital after that.  “Girls who squeal gonna get a really raw deal.”  He was still rhyming. 

So I lied and told everyone that I fell down the stairs.  That’s why my scalp was split and six ribs cracked.  So I I left.  Tried to anyway.  “A rhyme once made must be true and staid.”  And he went to get his bat from the basement, all the time yelling...”One hand; one heart; till death do us part.” 

So I locked the car doors and started to back out of the garage.  And he jumped right behind the tail pipe of my white Taurus and started bashing the trunk with the bat and screaming,  “I told you to stay; I’m blocking your wicked way.”  And he shattered the back window.  So I screamed,  “Get off the track, Jack, I’m coming back.”

Now he’s crazy. “You gotta  taste this wood so’s you can listen real good.”  So I punched the petal and back I go... fast, before he can get that bat at my face. 

And I hear this double thump, da dum, like an iambic stress, from under the wheels, and his rhyming stopped.  But I didn’t.  I kept the pedal down, hit the road, found a new town, and plan to grow old... without ever reading a rhyming verse again. 

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