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Audition Monologue - The Highway

Male Monologue -Two to three minutes

And its way dark, and she’s driving too fast because we stayed too long because I wanted to.... and she wanted what I wanted but now, she guesses, that’s not REALLY what she wanted.  Not then, not now, not ever.  And I’m thinking how much I need to be so far from this car and everything in it. 

And the asphalt bends out front and this dillo’s waddling across the yellow no-passing stripes.  Then he stops, thinking the headlights are moonlight and waits for us to get him.  And of course, we hear the crunch.

“Now you see what you’ve made me do?”  she says.  And we’re stopped, watching the dillo seep a bloodline on the pavement, trying to drag forward away from the car.  It can’t.  Its back legs bend up now; not down.  So he starts to chew off his left hind claw; cut the dead weight, you know.

And she says, “ You stupid animal.  Look what you’ve made me do to you.”  Then she picks up a chunk of asphalt and smashes its head into the gravel.  And I’m thinking--- "You dumb dillo, you should have stayed so far from this car.... and everything in it."

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