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Audition Monologue - The Shower

Male Monologue -Two to three minutes

Monday: she’s off to Winn Dick for a loaf of Dixie pride and three pounds of the eighty nine cent ground chuck.  Three bags and seventy three minutes later, she’s back and she showers....sweaty stuff that hamburger helper. 

Tuesday: it’s Wal Mart for the advertised lemon scented Clorox.  Eighty-three minutes and four jugs later, she’s flushed and home...and she needs a quick shampoo just to “freshen up.” 

Wednesday night: girls night out for the early bird special.... So I stuff the shower heads dry with the Wednesday sports section, and pull the dish sprayer back up under the sink.  A hundred and twenty three minutes later, she’s out back hosing down in her black sports bra and stretch panties. 

Friday:  “Gotta work late, hon.”  So I plug in my Kenmore electric chain saw and slice through the PVC water main, then I flush the toilets dry, super glue the aquariums shut, and brew every last drop of bottled water into sunshine tea.  Four hours later, I’m sitting on the throne outside the shower curtain, and she’s inside, all naked and dry.

You see, I don’t want her all rinsed and rubbed, I just want her clean.

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