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Audition Monologue - The Song

Female Monologue - one to two minutes

He’d push his hand over my mouth every time I tried to say "I Love you."  He’d say “words trick and eyes shut”…. Only songs never lie. 

So I’d sing it to him. (She sings) "Never leave or love another;" and he’d sing, (She Sings again) "Only you and you alone."  I hummed his every syllable and toe tapped his every rhythm..  Note after note, tune after tune, right into his bed.  That man could really….. sing.  

Of course, chorus numbers are far more entertaining than duets.  3:04 p.m., I skipped  work to surprise him wearing only quarter notes pasties under my trench coat…. But he’s already singing…..  and he’s full voice through the final refrain with the Wal Mart girl in apartment 4D.  

And he sees me and he opens his mouth and he is trying to sing the truth to me but no sound is coming out. Songs don’t lie. Not even the songs sung in silence.

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