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Audition Monologue - Tony

From Falling From Trees

Male Monologue -one to two minutes

My dad should have cared, you know?  About the money….  And he would have cared if he would have had any… if you hadn’t taken all of it.  But he didn’t… you know… He couldn’t because there wasn’t any coming from anyone else.

A father shouldn’t make a son steal for him.  Proud of him?  He wasn’t ever about saving her… It was about him. He gave the money to her to keep me around, so I get more for him.

What if I got shot, or caught, or ripped off, or hung out…. Never a word about that, because he didn’t want to know because he didn’t care because he didn’t even think about what might happen to me.  Forget Tony… just get the money.

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