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Audition Monologue - Unclean

Female Monologue -two to three minutes

Maybe, could’ve, might have, should’ve.  I mean one chance in a million; one tiny different maybe or might have and I wouldn’t have been there or maybe HE wouldn’t have been there or maybe I could’ve been somebody else.  One maybe away from MAYBE living the rest of my life. 

I just came home…. To MY home…. Where he shouldn’t have been, waiting in my house for some girl…. Any girl who MIGHT just happen to be there.  A girl that he could have... for a while; to TAKE for a little; and use. 

So he’s there ON me... And I’m saying,  “Why are you doing this?  Why ME?"  "Because," he whispers... and I can taste him because my mouth is bleeding from his pressing against me…. "because I’m unclean and nobody else will have me."  Unclean, he said.  Unclean.  Then he tied my hands and finished and left me there.   Left me there, MAYBE still clean, with my whole life still ahead me or maybe not with the rest of my life gone.

Maybe, could’ve, might have, should’ve.  I’m just waiting to find out what maybe means.

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