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Audition Monologue - Unfaithful

Female Monologue - One to two minutes

So, he heard "the voice" and now he's going to walk in "the light." ---  which means he wants to confess who he's been doing in the dark all this time.  And he did.  He confessed to me.  He laid on my bed a list of every other woman he ever laid on my bed. ---- a single spaced one and a half column list.  Eight and a half by eleven paper... no skipped lines. 

Then he asked me to look into "the light to see if I could see forgiveness for him".  I said I'd try.  So I looked at him and I looked at his list and I waited.  Waited to be flooded with a column and half of shining forgiveness and forgetting.  Nothing.  But still I looked and waited, and waited and looked...but all I saw then, and all I can see now,  is him lying in the dark about about what he laid in the dark.


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