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The Cheater

Female Monologue - one to two minutes

Love is I thought I’d give her something to maybe help her see what everyone else isn’t blind to.  But I didn’t really know what to give her.  I mean what do you give a woman whose trying to sleep her way into the motherhood of my kids. 

I know what he already gave her.  The unsigned Hallmark lust cards, the secret cashew chicken lunches, the strawberry panties.  And she’s already got my past and his future. 

So I went to the pay phone on the ground floor of their sex nest and called her,  I said, “This is Mrs.”  She said “Mrs. who?"  I said, “the Mrs. to the Mr. we’ve been sharing.  I’ve got something to give you, something you should see.  I’ll be right up.”  Click....   and I waited.  37 seconds later, the elevator doors opened and she just stood there silent and stupid.  I said, “You know, his love is not blind....his sees double.” 

And I pushed my son’s saliva stained teddy bear into her hands. “So here’s something you can sleep with when he’s done sleeping with you.”

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